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Pay Less for Turnkey Website Scripts

You may have noticed a lot of chatter online about the term “Nulled” when used in context with scripts and when looking to buy a script.

The definition of Null is Zero, Nothing, Free. The definition of Nulled when used to describe a script is basically “made free by hacking”. So a Nulled script is simply a script that has been hacked and is now offered free. Nulled scripts are technically ILLEGAL unless otherwise distributed by the rightful owner or creator of the script.

Nulled Scripts carry major security issues. You may hand over the control of your website, sometimes even server to intruder. Because most of those "Nulled" scripts may contain a worm, trojan, or even a virus

In, you may download scripts by paying fraction of what our competitors ask for. All scripts are legal and most of them come with 100% source code.